Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What happened to a government fearing its people, not the people fearing its government.

I have been reading the works and quotes of the founding fathers for the past couple of weeks. What I have gathered from my research is two things; one that these people were blessed by God and could not have done the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution without his Divine hand. The second thing is they understood that government must be run by the people and for the people. Once the common man is taken out of the equation a government will slowly move to a totalitarian dictatorship. For evidence you do not need to look further than Communist Russia and China or Hitler’s and Mussolini’s Socialist Germany. Since roughly 90% consider themselves religious in our great country so I do not need to discuss how God has blessed this country/ the Founding Fathers.
What I do need to address is how OUR government is slowly tightening the noose around the people’s neck. This government was founded by everyday people. Franklin was an inventor, Washington was a farmer, Jefferson and Adams were lawyers and the list goes on and on. These great men succeeded in making a democracy that represented all the people, not just the rich or those with a royal bloodline. In conclusion lets look at the words of the great Thomas Jefferson, "The government must fear the people, not the people fear the government. When this happens it is called tyranny". Please keep this quote in mind when you see your basic rights robbed from you in the coming years… That is if we do not stand against corrupt politicians and big government.
Don't Tread On Me,
Kevin Lentz

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