Monday, July 6, 2009

Let Freedom Ring in Iran

If you have not heard of the elections in Iran I believe you have had your head in the ground like that of an ostrich. Iran had its elections this past week and their terrorist incumbent Akmendinajad won by a landslide or so the results read. In Iran the people have been rioting ever since these results were made official. Iran is ran by a group of radical Muslim clerics that control the “president”. So it is safe to say that we can categorize Iran as a theocracy (a form of government ran by a ruling religious class). Our own country was once controlled by a tyrannical/theocracy in England. It was the founding fathers that, in protest, created to this day the greatest nation the world has ever seen. We are seeing these types of protests taken to the streets in present day Tehran, the capital of Iran. The last time I checked there have been 7 deaths within’ the protesting over the past couple of days. Many of those coming from pro-government supporters shooting at unarmed pro-democracy supporters. These peoples death make them martyrs for the push for democracy in this totalitarian region of the world.
The point I am trying to drive home is we need to, as Americans, support this wave of democracy that might engulf this region of the world. These people are fighting for there freedom of Life, Liberty and Property as coined by the great philosopher John Locke. It was his ideas that shaped our constitution and democratic freedom. And I believe that we are seeing his words be put into actions against the small minority ruling a vast majority of people. Give them credit for deifying oppression. May true democracy flourish in this region so that other nations learn that the minority does not have absolute power over the majority. May they look to the United States of America as an example for the formation of a democratic government.
Don't Tread On Me,
Kevin Lentz

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