Sunday, July 5, 2009

Common Sense

“I humbly suggest that our government is once again out of step with Laws of Nature. The government by, of, and for the people has been turned on its head. It is now a government by the government, of the government, and for the government- the people be damned.”-Glenn Beck, from his new book Common Sense: The Case Against An Out-of-Control Government.

So I bought this book a couple of days ago and I have to say that I highly recommend it. It is not some political science textbook crap that nobody understands but it hits a raw nerve with any American that cares about the state of the union.
This government was founded on the notion that the people control everything and the power that sits with the people, not the politicians in Washington. I cannot believe that in such a short time (and yes roughly 200 years is a short time to historians) the ideas that founded this country are under fierce attack by none other than the people elected/ sworn to protect this basic ideas. The Founding Fathers are not turning in their grave but trying to bust out and ring the necks of these people. I should also note that both parties are at fault for the current state of the union. Republicans screwed up during Bush’s 8 years with our basic rights to privacy and the Democrats are spending billions of dollars that will affect myself and the following generations to come. One example of this in effect is the government trying to run health care.
Universal health care has been ineffective in all the countries that do it as of right now. In Canada it takes an average of 3 weeks to get in and see the doctor. And that is for a basic cold. They have stripped the rights of the person to choose who they see. I also failed to mention that OUR taxes would skyrocket if this goes through congress. I know it is hard to believe but America has the lowest taxes among all the first world countries. With this going through we will be up on that list. Reports say that this overhaul in health care will cost 1 trillion dollars in taxpayer money. Again let me say not a millions or billions but a trillion dollars. We have already almost tripled the national debt since Obama came in and gave millions to the failed bank and automotive industries.
Why change something that has been working for so many years? Sure there are things that need to be tweaked but they do not call for a Socialist form of universal health care. And we all know that Socialism believes in the principle that “we don’t care what the people think, we will do what we see fit.” That my friends are not a democracy but a dictatorship.
My final thought is do not let the elected officials screw you. Get out at the next election and vote not based on party or lame slogans like “Hope” and “Change” but vote for what you believe in. Not by party but by values.
Don’t Tread On Me,
Kevin Lentz

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