Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Six Million Dollars for Turtles

As you can tell I have become a watchdog that hates when the government wastes my money, i.e. General Motors *cough* Government Motors, but they have taken this to a whole new level. In Florida they want OUR tax money going towards building a tunnel that only turtles will be using. The reason for this is that to many turtles are dying because of the people driving their cars. Sure lets save the turtles but not with 6 million dollars…Give me 100 dollars, circular saw and some PVC pipe and I can make a turtle tunnel. Use that money on education or something else that is failing in this country. We should be invite to the ribbon cutting ceremony because it was OUR tax money that paid for it. Come on people lets pull OUR heads out of our shells and let the government know that we do not approve of this waste of money.
This is why I believe in the Tea Party protests that took place. My hope and prayer is that Washington is watching these rallies closely. These crooked politicians have squandered our money long enough. What we can do as people of this nation founded on God is exercise our right to get these politicians out and put people in office that will do what there people demand. If we do not stop this out of control spending spree we will surely bring an end to the economic status of America forever.
I had an interesting “chat” with a person that made an argument for the government spending on this project. She said that our government had enough money to “throw it at this cause”. Right there is the problem with today’s society. They believe that money just grows on trees in America. We will not have any kind of luxuries if we continue on the path to the destruction of Capitalism. I agree with Glenn Beck when he says, “Our collective experience since the Founding has taught us that all governments of every stripe are fascist in nature. They will gobble up as much money, resources, and people as possible unless adequately checked.”
Don’t Tread On Me,
Kevin Lentz

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