Thursday, July 9, 2009

Abortion and Universal Health Care

With the increasing threat we face with a nationalized health care system on must question, “What is going to be done with that money?” One report says that the government will be backing the abortion procedure for whoever wants them under this new bill. It is bad enough that abortion’s already exists as law in this country but now they will be federally funded by OUR taxes. If it were my choice I would never voluntarily give my money to a woman to get an abortion unless it was a life-threatening situation. Only 8% of the total abortions are because of the mothers’ life is threatened. (FRC.COM) So I have one question for the 39% of Americans who are pro-choice, what is it?
We have all heard the term fetus in their argument for abortion. Sure it is a fetus in the womb but more specifically it is a human being. But the pro-choice agenda is smart by calling the being a fetus because it would deem the procedure of abortion to equal murder. They say until it has its first breath you cannot call it a human being. That is why when a doctor does a late-term abortion they make sure to keep the head inside of the woman so it does not take that breath. But back to my original question, what is it?
My answer to this question is a fetus is still a human being no matter how big or small it is. I ask pro-death, I mean pro-choice supporters what type of DNA structure does the fetus have. Well they must answer human. It is not a chimp, alligator or fly. Our genetic make up is different then other animals because we are not animals.
They will say that we cannot know the time that “human life begins”. This quote is based on a complete lack of understanding of science and scientific methods. Science says that life begins at conception. You need to understand the difference here. Pro-choices claims are based solely on a political understanding of the topic, not a scientific one as expressed by the Pro-life movement.
Just remember we are human beings. We were put on this world from a higher being to do his will and be in his image. Or that was the plan until the fall. Do the research and the facts will shock you. Fight for those who cannot speak because they were never given the chance to exercise there right to free speech. Fight for the 1.31 million who will be put to death before even breath their first breath.
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