Monday, July 13, 2009

A Startling Comparison....

I have an explanation for all of the violence that is happening in China to the Muslims. Actually it is a very simple answer. In short, this is happening because of communism. China is a Communist country that adheres to the philosophies of Karl Marx. Karl Marx was a hardcore atheist that had no respect for religion or capitalism, both ideas of America. There has been more than 150 Weigers killed since they were mobbed last week. Now the government has put up a fa├žade that they care about their freedom to practice their faith. Christians in China are feeling the pressure too. They have to sensor there bibles in order to remain intact. They are basically telling the two bodies of religion how and what to preach to the congregation.
The reason I bring this little fact up is that as our government moves towards a socialistic/ communistic government we will see the same violence and lack of freedoms that we are seeing in China. We already have a law that will surly be flown through congress called the HR 1913/S 909. This is being pushed by gay activists to ensure that there homosexual and sinful life style will be deemed “protected” under this bill. This type of bill has already taken affect in Canada. Yes I said Canada. Now pastors cannot preach from the Bible when it condemns these despicable acts. So pastors cannot teach from Romans 1 or Genesis 19. Pastor will also have to sensor their library of sermons that have to do with this perversion of Gods will.
Don’t believe me yet? This type of law has also passed in Sweden. When Pastor Ake Green said in a sermon, “I have a responsibility…to let people know that the way they live is wrong…And…declare that if they turn around and follow Christ they will not come under judgment” ( He was sentence to jail for a month for “disrespecting” the homosexuals. Our freedom of speech and freedom of religion are being put under the sword and will soon die under this leader we call Obama.
I find it funny how the homosexuals now a day feel threatened about their lifestyles. If we were living in the Old Testament times we would have the right to stone them in the public square under the law of God. All I have to think is a day will come when everyone will be judged. I just hope that day is coming quickly. Just like a thief in the night…

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  1. I would welcome the end times for only 2 reasons. One is for all my loved ones to wake up and turn to Christ in repentance and faith. But the biggest reason whether pre, mid, or post trib is to go home to be with Christ.