Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Round and Round We Go.....

I will have more video on Obamas Health Care press conference tomorrow. But from what I saw tonight this hurts Obama's plan. He circumvented all the questions given to him tonight. I find it funny that he is now saying it will be passed in the coming month, not by the recess. What I find awesome about this press conference is that it hurts his plan for government domination of our personal decisions.If the democrates lose the "blue dog dems" we can chalk up a victory for the right.
One other beef I have with Obama is he said that he is not blaming the republicans for not passing this bill. Just earlier this week he was blaming us for not helping pass this bill. He should not blame just the republican but the American people. They do not want the tax hike that will come with this. As Joe "bigmouth" Biden said, "to get out of bankruptcy we must spend more money".
My hope is people are wising up to this crap of a plan.Wake Up.

Don't Tread On Me,
Kevin Lentz

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